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The California Medical Board can be one of the more difficult boards in which to obtain a license.  However, with our experience and history in California we have often shortened the process for providers.

One reason for the longer process is due to the finger print submission.  Once the fingerprints are received they must be sent to the FBI for review and it often takes a long time to receive the report.  This step alone can take 2-4 months.  We recommend getting the fingerprints done in person rather than sending fingerprint cards because the quality is often low and a rejection can cost months.

While we always recommend using our services given the value and our expertise, it’s especially important when applying for a California license.  If someone less experienced attempts the process and is rejected it can be near impossible to appeal and attain a license at a later date.

If you are interested in a CA license please submit your information on our Get Licensed page and we will prepare a custom quote.  Given the lengthy process in CA the costs can vary depending on the number of affiliations for a given provider.



SPEX/COMVEX Requirement:

Required if written licensure or board certification exam hasn not been taken in the last ten years (for MD). Lifetime Board certification accepted in lieu of SPEX. May be required by DO Board to assess competence.

USMLE Attempt Limit:

- If exam sequence was passed prior to 01/01/2007: No attempt limits for Steps I-III.

- As of 01/01/2007: No attempt limit for Steps I and II. Four attempts total for Step III.

* Possible waiver with 4 years continuous pratice in another state with active license and no discipline

USMLE Time Limit: Must complete all three Steps within 10 years.
PGT US/Canada:

1 year (including 4 mo. General Medicine) (MD).

1 year AOA or ACGME accredited GME, including at least 4 mo. General Medicine (unless applicant completed 1 year of GME before July 1, 1990) (DO).

PGT International: 2 years (including four months of general medicine)

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