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At the Licensing Company we recognize the need to monitor all of your state and federal licenses to ensure that you’re never surprised.  Did you know that an action can be filed against your state license and it may be weeks or even months before you’re alerted by the state?  Have you ever forgotten to renew your state license until the last minute?  Our proprietary system interfaces with all of the state and federal agencies so we know the instant anything has changed with your license.  Our Renewal Team is also keeping track of every critical date so you have total piece of mind.

Say hello to smarter, more effective healthcare monitoring.

We use the latest technology that interfaces with state and federal agencies to receive daily updates on any changes to licenses.  Even if your employer also monitors your license (which is unlikely) they typically use a manual process that involves independently calling states to inquire about any changes.  As you can imagine, this method results in a higher error rate which can lead to a unwanted surprise for you.  While some states offer email alerts, this is often just to alert you of your license expiration and not negative actions that may be filed at any time.

Our service let’s you go to work each day without having to worry whether any of your licenses or certifications are about to lapse or have had negative reports.  Everyday thousands of physicians find that their employer may have missed reminding them about a license or DEA.  In today’s legal environment this kind of mistake can lead to massive financial risk.  Let us take the weight of compliance off your shoulders and allow you to focus on treating patients.

Did you become a nurse or physician to focus on patient care or spend endless hours filling out forms and interacting with state licensing boards?  We know that the amount of work required by a medical professional just to fulfill legal requirements can be extremely burdensome.  By letting us manage all of your licensing and certification needs we can remove this burden and allow you to practice medicine.

While you may have an assistant, staffing company, or employer who keeps up with some of your certifications, no one can ensure compliance and give you piece of mind like the Licensing Company.  We have a passion for staying ahead of regulations and designing systems and processes so you’re never caught by surprise.

Our comprehensive Monitoring Service will provide you with ultimate piece of mind.

State Licenses

We monitor your state license to ensure that all renewals occur on a timely basis and alert you if any negative action is filed.

DEA Licenses

Maintaining your DEA is extremely important and any lapse could result in a large liability for the practitioner.  We’ll notify your far in advance when your DEA is set to expire and even help with the renewal process as part of our expanded service offering.

Life Support Certifications

We know your ACLS or other life support certification is extremely important for your job and we will monitor it so you never to have to worry about it lapsing.

Board Certifications

We know how complicated maintaining your board certifications can be with points, hours, and other required steps.  With just a few pieces of CME information from you we will monitor the requirements so you have ultimate piece of mind.

OIG Exlusion List

The first thing any new employer or hospital will do in credentialing is run your name against the OIG exclusion database.  We will do this immediately and periodically to ensure that you never end up on this list inadvertently.

State Controlled Substances

Do you have additional state controlled substance licenses?  We will monitor these and alert you well in advance of the steps needed to renew these licenses.

Other Documents

From passports to driver licenses we could all use someone reminding us of the expiration and steps to renew.  We will monitor up to 5 personal documents and send alerts with instructions up to (60) days in advance.

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Why Monitor my License?


Every year more than 481,000 queries are made to the physician data center to check the records of physicians.


There are over 130,000 physicians on OIG’s excluded list.  Do you know if your name has been inadvertently added to this list?


There were over 8,000 actions filed against physicians in the U.S. last year

6 Weeks

The DEA will only send (2) traditional mail reminders prior to your license lapsing.  If you miss this date it could take up to 6 weeks to receive a new number.  Additionally, the liability for a provider writing prescriptions with a lapsed DEA is very high.

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