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The Georgia Medical Board has a standard licensure process. However, due to internal issues with employee turn over, the Georgia Medical Board is experiencing extended licensure time frames. Their process should take between 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 months from the time the application is filed to the date where the license is issued. However, as of 4/26/2017 licensing is running 4 to 8 months. A temporary license is available once the GA Medical Board has acknowledged receipt of all required Applications. The temporary license will allow the physician to practice while awaiting the full board meeting at the beginning of each month. There is a temporary license available but because of the way it is structured, very few physicians can utilize it. The Temporary Georgia Medical License is only issued after the file is complete. The Temporary is only issued after the State sends written notice to the physician that the file is complete. Then the physician has to file the temp application with payment. This cannot be filed before the letter is received. Then the temporary license is issued a week or so later. By this time, the meeting has arrived and the license is issued. So the Temporary is very rarely utilized with the GA Med Board. All files have to be deemed complete 2-3 weeks before the Board meeting to be placed on the agenda.

For Physicians with negative information, State Actions / Arrests / Disciplinary Actions (Excluding Malpractice), Georgia has tightened their approval process somewhat over the past 12 months. For Physicians with significant issues, we can recommend a Leading Licensure Attorney who specializes in Licensure and Disciplinary Actions with the GA Med Board. Our attorney will not handle the administration of the licensure process. She will provide author your statements, deal with the Board Management, advise the physician concerning requests and issues with GA.


SPEX/COMVEX Requirement: May be ordered by Board to assess current competence.
USMLE Attempt Limit: No attempt limit for Steps I and II. Three attempts for Step III. (1 year of additional Board approved training required if not passed in designated number of attempts)
USMLE Time Limit: Must complete all three Steps within 7 years, within 9 years for MD/PhD. Board may grant waiver.
PGT US/Canada: 1 year
PGT International: As of 02/2010, the GA Board uses the list titled Medical Schools Recognized by the Medical Board of California". Graduates of schools from this list must complete 1 year of ACGME accredited postgraduate training. Graduates of schools not listed in the list must complete 3 years of ACGME accredited postgraduate training.

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